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New Media Gallery
June 2022

Experience multi-disciplinary works of art from Arts at CERN residents who use technology and moving images.

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Featured Artists

Art through technology

Since its founding in 2011, Arts at CERN has been fostering the dialogue between artists and physicists in the world's largest particle physics laboratory. The physicality of CERN experiments and the complexity and wonder behind the phenomena they unveil fascinates many artists who are drawn to the laboratory. New Media Gallery curates a range of local and international artists who utilize technology to unlock the exploration of complex concepts, and is bringing together artists who have done so through their work as Arts at CERN residents.

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Semiconductor is UK artist duo Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt. Over the past twenty years they have become known for a unique and innovative body of moving image works, sculptures and installations, which explore the material nature of our physical world and how we experience it through the lens of science and technology.

Yunchul Kim

South Korean Yunchul Kim's work focuses on research towards new materiality, the artistic potential of fluid dynamics and metamaterials (photonic crystals) and especially on the context of magnetohydrodynamics. His works have been shown at ZKM, Germany; Ars Electronica, Austria; International Triennial of New media art, China; VIDA 15.0, Spain; Transmediale, Germany; ISEA, Germany; and New York Digital Salon, amongst others.