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The Value of Things
by Tobias Luchsinger (2024, Switzerland)

Premiering at VIFF Centre
Thursday April 11, 2024

Screening Online

April 24-28

Join us for the Canadian premiere of The Value of Things at the VIFF Centre.


About the Film

How can we live more sustainably? Construction engineer Felix, fashion designer Sanaz and food activist Dominik address this question. They prefer to look for solutions rather than just discuss them. A film crew accompanies the three young people and looks for ways to produce their film as sustainably as possible. They produce their own electricity, eat ecologically and use sustainable means of transport. Together they overcome resistance and show that change is possible.


Language: English, Swiss-German, German (with English subtitles).

April 24-28, 2024

Online Screening

The online screening is brought to you by the Swiss Film Club, a club run jointly by 3 Swiss representations meeting regularly to watch and discuss the best contemporary Swiss pictures.

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