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Image by Justin Veenema

Opening Reception & Exhibition

Science World
Wednesday April 20, 2022

With an official introduction from the Swiss Consulate, special guests were invited to dive into an exhibition by Swiss photographer Andri Pol featuring exclusive behind the scenes images within CERN followed by a discussion about the intersection of art and science among panelists from our partnering organizations, with the opportunity to connect over cocktails and light catering throughout.

Following the invite-only reception, the exhibition ran publicly April 21-July 24, 2022.

Re-watch the panel!

Discussion Panel

The intersection of art and science

By taking the opportunity to view unique moments recently captured within CERN facilities, professionals from Science World, TRIUMF, and Emily Carr University experienced in the convergence of art and science will come together to take a fresh look at the past, present, and future of these collaborations.



Jennifer Cook
Creative Director, Science World

Jen is a Designer and Creative Director who believes in bringing high-quality work to organizations that make an impact, with background in creative brand strategy and non-profit communications.

Outdoor Wedding Decorations
Andri Pol_lo.jpg

Andri Pol

Swiss Photographer

Andri Pol has created a unique portrait of the fascinating world at CERN. The cutting-edge research is given a human face and even if we don’t fully understand the processes at work, the pictures allow us to perceive how in this world of the tiniest particles the biggest connections are searched for.

Stuart Shepherd

Science Writer and Staff Photographer

TRIUMF's community of scientists, engineers, and students is using leading-edge technologies to push the boundaries of what we know about our world, from the inner workings of atoms to the behaviour of stars. Stu builds initiatives that support TRIUMF's strategic goals, driving impact for Canadians and people around the world.


Ingrid Koenig


Ingrid Koenig’s Vancouver based studio practice traverses the fields of theoretical physics, social history, and narratives of science through visual art and relational projects. Koenig was Artist in Residence at TRIUMF, Canada’s particle accelerator centre and co-organizes processes of collaboration between artists and physicists as a Co-Investigator of Leaning Out of Windows. She is inspired by the possibilities of co-thought as a way to navigate complex phenomena and to hold different ways of knowing in relationship to each other.

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