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STEAM Symposium + Cocktail

Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Friday April 22, 2022


Engage with thought leaders during a keynote and panel bringing expertise from STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics). Moderated by Sanem Güvenç, they will bring light to fresh questions, issues, and opportunities in how we think about collaboration.



Dr. Randy Lee Cutler

Artist, Writer, Emily Carr Faculty

Randy investigates the emergence of new cultural forms through an exploration of the intersections of gender, art, science and technology, and is a Co-Investigator of the Leaning Out of Windows collaboration between art and science. Her work has shown nationally and internationally including the Biennale of Sydney NIRIN 2020, Vancouver Art Gallery, Belkin Art Gallery and AHVA Gallery both at the University of British Columbia, Access Gallery, Artspeak, Contemporary art Gallery (Vancouver), Western Front/Tate Modern, and Seoul International NewMedia Festival (NeMaf).

Ingrid Koenig

Artist, Emily Carr Faculty

Ingrid Koenig’s Vancouver based studio practice traverses the fields of theoretical physics, social history, and narratives of science through visual art and relational projects. Koenig was Artist in Residence at TRIUMF, Canada’s particle accelerator centre and co-organizes processes of collaboration between artists and physicists as a Co-Investigator of Leaning Out of Windows. She is inspired by the possibilities of co-thought as a way to navigate complex phenomena and to hold different ways of knowing in relationship to each other.


Beatrice Franke

Research Scientist

Beatrice is an experimental physicist in the field of low energy particle physics. Her main scientific focus is the search for an electric dipole moment in the neutron – an elusive quantity which would shed light on the observed lack of antimatter in our Universe. As an arts lover, her participation in an earlier stream of LOoW in 2017 is a treasured experience. She is also very passionate about EDI in STEM and thus lives and projects these values to the students she supervises at TRIUMF or teaches at the UBC Physics and Astronomy Department.

Michael Doser

Senior Research Physicist

Michael has been a member of CERN's Cultural Advisory Board, of TEDxCERN, and of Sparks! Advisory Board. He works on the AEgIS collaboration to measure the gravitational interaction between matter and antimatter.


Clara Nellist

Particle Physicist & Science Communicator

Clara works on analyzing the heaviest known particle, and dark matter using machine learning algorithms. Her work extends to science communication and photography, and she is part of the The Inclusion Group for Equity in Research in STEMM.

Nirmal Raj

Particle Physicist

Nirmal is a theoretical physicist addressing puzzles and holes in the current best microscopic theory we have for explaining observations in Nature. He tries to unmask the identity of dark matter, the ubiquitous substance making up most of the matter in the universe.


Mimi Gellman

Ashkenazi/Anishinaabe-Métis Visual Artist, Designer, Educator

Mimi's interdisciplinary work explores phenomenology and technologies of intuition through an embodied practice of walking and mapping and through works and installations that point to the animacy and agency of objects. The cross-cultural dialogue exemplified in her work brings forward decolonial aesthetic perspectives and suggests a pre-existing connection to the other-than-human worlds.



Leaning Out of Windows

Led by Co-investigators Dr. Randy Lee Cutler and Professor Ingrid Koenig of Emily Carr University, LOoW is a SSHRC funded interdisciplinary art and science project designing and testing models of collaboration for art and science with participants from ECU and TRIUMF.

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